Felspire Version 1.23

Felspire is a western medieval fantasy themed role-playing browser game of 37Games. The game provides a wide variety of settings ranging from bustling cities, frozen plateaus, and mysterious forests to chilling tombs. Your characters will face trials by countless fierce battles in these scenarios. The core game play derived from classic ARPGs, slaying monsters to get rare gear is an essential part of the game. However, as a browser game, it got rid of some complicated hardcore game play to make the game more rookie-friendly and casual. Felspire updates Version 1.23 now. Let's have a look at the new contents.

What’s New:
1. Perks
-Perks will be available at [R]Lv 350.
-You will get 10 perk points at first and 1 pointevery time you level up afterwards.
2. New companion: Bobbie
-Bobbie: After equipping Bobbie, your damagedealt will be increased by 30%, your DEF will also be increased by 10 and theEXP gained by killing monsters will be increased by 50%. Bobbie can evenauto-pickup items for you.
-How to get Bobbie?
Collect Spirits of Bobbie and enter the Fuseinterface. Fuse Panda, Fiend and Spirit of Bobbie to get Bobbie.
-The duration time of Bobbie is the combinedduration time of Panda and Fiend.
-Spirit of Bobbie can be obtained from events andLand of Chaos.
3. New Map
New maps will be available in Elite Challenge.
4. 3 New Modes
You can select different display modes now.
-Normal Mode
-PvP Mode: Hides the top buttons, chatting andquest boxes
-Photo Mode: Hides the top buttons, chatting box,quest box, the buttons at the bottom, the HP of characters and monster names(so basically all the UI ^-^;).

What’s Changed:
1. Refined Bonus
-You will receive extra stat bonuses if yourefine your equipment to specified levels. Higher refined levels grant greaterstat bonus.
-There will be a skeleton effect in the Refineinterface. Refine your equipment to +15 for a cooler skeleton effect.
2. Rebirth
-Rebirth quest will be available at Lv 360.
-Soul Stones can be obtained by killing Lv 360+monsters.
-Soul Gathering will be available at Lv 360.
-Soul Square will be available at Lv 360.
3. A tip of how to increase the success rate willbe added to the wings fusion interface.
4. The ASPD detail will be added. For example, ASPD:150 (2 aps)

New Benefits:
-Soul Square
The Magic Mirrors required for entering SoulSquare will be decreased.

Play Felspire: http://play.37.com/fs


37Games’s 2015 Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving Day is coming. It is a special time for families and friends to get together for a bountiful meal. It is a festival for appreciating your loved ones and sharing. As a thank you, 37Games has lots of fantastic new free-to-play games in the pipeline, with its latest, Nightfalls, to be launched soon. 37Games has also prepared special Thanksgiving Gift Packs. Simply share your favorite 37Games’s game to your Facebook timeline and receive a gift-code. Each game’s Gift Pack can only be claimed once. Players who play games on 37Games should not miss out this celebration: http://events.37.com/en/thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone!

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Felspire is a free to play fantasy MMORPG browser game. The game provides a wide variety of settings, from bustling cities to chilling tombs. Dominate the Darkness that awaits you! Share your favorite Thanksgiving food and be rewarded with free diamonds: https://www.facebook.com/Felspire.37Games/photos/a.458954957607592.1073741828.450352205134534/497001317136289/?type=3&theater

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ShiFu is a free-to-play MMORPG inspired by the Classical Kung Fu Stories of Louis Cha. Start carving your own unique path to victory, while also creating your own legend! From November 25th to December 1st, all players can claim the Thanksgiving Title once. Players also have chance to receive Turkey, Firewood and Seasonings by clearing a dungeon. Turkey, Firewood and Seasonings can be exchanged for a Roasted Turkey. A Roasted Turkey will add 1000 permanent combat power to a character. A character can eat 50 Roasted Turkey per day. Take part in ShiFu’s Thanksgiving Event now: http://goo.gl/4U61vV

Chibi Warriors is a new type of strategy game set in the days of Ancient China. Develop your city, recruit fighters, and crush your rivals in this free-to-play game.

Dragon Atlas is a free-to-play RPG browser game. Step into the fantasy world of Ymir, where your aim is to be the greatest dragon keeper of all time, while you fight evil monsters to restore balance to the world.

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37Games's RPG Nightfalls Kicks off Closed Beta Today

37Games has confirmed its Champion Collecting RPG Nightfalls will officially start its Closed Beta today after months of intensive testing and constant improvement from the operation team. Without the fuss of downloading a client or paying to play, players are invited to experience this MMORPG and enter the fantasy world of Nightfalls right through their browser.

In Nightfalls, players will become the fallen angle, Sherri, who still believes in the virtue of mankind and tries to stop the forces of evil from taking the last lands of the human race. You will join forces with heroes from all over the world to face the evil Demon Lord Sallos, who wishes to once again shroud this world in darkness.

Nightfalls seamlessly combines the essential elements of an MMORPG and strategy game, players can not only enjoy the addictive fun of customizing their character and champions but also the strategy behind their champion's battle formations.There are hundreds of champions for you to choose from, including defensive, attacking and support type champions. All champions have various unique attributes and magic skills to help you build an elite team for battle. Nothing is impossible on your journey to banish the evil powers of darkness!

Furthermore, in order to immerse players into a thrilling world devoured by evil, the art team of Nightfalls has created a large number of elaborate and dark-themed environments and combat scenes, along with various exotic ambient music compositions for each scene.

To celebrate the starting of the Closed Beta Nightfalls has also arranged a series of events, such as Mount Contest, Arena Rank, Guild War, Wizard Evolution and more! Start your journey and collect your first champion today! http://play.37.com/nightfalls

About Nightfalls
Nightfalls is a new medieval themed RPG from 37Games. Nightfalls perfectly blends the elementsof strategy and role playing games into one epic quest to banish evil from the face of the Earth. Players can customize their battle formations and recruit various champions along their journey. Submerge yourself into PVE with a story of unparalleled depth -- or team up with your friends to vanquish your foes in PVP battle.


The Champion-Collecting RPG Nightfalls Closed Beta Starts on November 23rd

Nightfalls, the champion-collecting RPG created by 37Games, will start its Closed Beta on November 23rd. By crafting a huge world devoured in darkness, Nightfalls brings players a thrilling adventure--encounter mysterious champions on your journey, set up the best team for fighting the forces of evil, and conquer the most frightening bosses ever conceived.

Nightfalls has created a sophisticated Champion-collecting and Starsoul system. By completing conquests and dungeons, you will collect Starsouls for lighting up Star Charts and unlock hundreds of Champions to join your team in battle. Beyond choosing your lineup you’ll need to plan your strategies carefully as there are three types of champions: Defensive, Attacking and Assisting. Here are the first three champions you’ll recruit in the game.

The Barbarian
From the Barren Lands, the Barbarian is a powerful Defensive Champion. They are always the first ones into battle, often sparing their teammates from the initial onslaught. Their effective use of their skills, such as Bloodthirsty Killing and Glyph of Warding make them a powerful addition to your team.

The Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor is an Assisting Champion. Contrary to their appearance, Witch Doctors have great empathy. Their specialty is in healing, which can help your team survive the enemies’ onslaughts. Careful though, as she possess many magical attacks. Evolve this champion to unlock her true potential.

The Assassin
Like the wind through the night, the Assassin can move without being seen. As a Defensive & Assisting Champion, she can play a great supportive role on your team. Watch out for her razor thin double-blades, which can tear through armor with little effort. You won’t hear her approach…until it’s too late.

Pre-registration has begun. When Night Falls, Evil Rises. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime in Nightfalls: http://news.37.com/nightfalls/cover


The Champion-Collecting MMORPG Nightfalls is Coming to 37Games

The rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games, announces its release of a new online RPG experience, Nightfalls, featuring lush environments, massive champion collecting and an immersive fighting system. 37Games’s operation team has been hard at work improving and polishing the experience in preparation for its debut to players around the world.

Darkness Devours All
Set in a fantasy world devoured by darkness, where human beings live in desperation and turmoil, evil has risen once again and demons are looking to retake the world that was once theirs. As a fallen angel named Sherri, you will work with and recruit champions in your quest to quell the forces of evil and restore peace throughout the land. Work alongside mortals to secure a future for all posterity!

Collect Hundreds of Champions
Choose between a male or female character to start your journey. On your travels, you will encounter hundreds of champions whose skills and magic will lend in your fight against the vilest creatures to ever appear on a computer screen.

Personalized Battle
To create a powerful team to fight the forces of evil, you will need to use various strategies and take advantage of the different abilities of your champions. You will also need to wisely choose your equipment to develop a unique character with unique champions to aid in your battles. In the closed beta, there will be dozens of champions available for you to recruit!

The official website is now live! Pre-register now! Learn more about the champions you’ll encounter in your journeys and take a glance at the new concept art for Nightfalls. Pre-register and receive a super-value gift pack: including Demon Fruit, Dragon Shards, and more! Let your journey in Nightfalls begin here: http://news.37.com/nightfalls/cover