MMORPG Felspire Version 1.1: March on Tusk valley

The 28th of August, Siegelord launched Version 1.1. Highlights include: new class advance, new level cap, new PvP map and new equipment set system.

At level 300, the Constellation system will be activated, which includes 20 Constellations representing 20 divine human virtues. Players use Stardust or EXP to activate the Constellations and receive attribute boosts. After activating all the Constellations and reaching level 350, players will be able to advance to the third class to become an incredibly powerful Ranger, Paladin or Archmage.

The PvP map Tusk Valley is only for the boldest of adventurers. It is a land scorched by hellfire and inhabits some of most vicious creatures ever seen. It is a place of darkness where light never shines. As a PvP map, you could slay any monster or person you encounter if you are up to the challenge. Tusk Valley is only available for players over lvl. 320. As it the most dangerous place in Felspire so far, here players can find super loots called Lapis.

Lapis are essential fusing material for creating the divine armor sets: Ares, Nereus, Athena, Zeus Lapis plus many more mysterious gear of eminence divine power capable of defeating any evil. Lapis not only can be found in the Tusk Valley but also via VIP dungeons.

Other updates includes new features such as -- sharing achievements on Facebook to win rewards, a new item -- Name-changing card, which allows players to change their character’s name and lots of optimization's to improve the players gaming experience.

Discover the new world of Emeros: http://play.37.com/fs/


Siegelord updated a new version on August 20th, 2015

What's new in Siegelord:
1. Cross-server Faction Quest: every Saturday night
1)In Faction War, players may obtain Faction Honor. It can be used to join Cross-server Faction quest on every Saturday night. Each faction may join once each week at most. Factions with similar army strength will be matched together by the system.   
2)Quest Stage 1: occupy 3 fortresses. Quest Stage 2: defend the occupied fortresses.
3)Rewards: Vouchers

2. Treasure Modification optimized
1)Treasure Modification interface optimized
2)Treasures Modification will be unlocked at Lv.50

3. Celebration Party
1)When players have obtained new generals or new armors, other players from the same faction may come to celebrate.
2)Player who is the first one in his/her faction to obtain a new general or a new armor may send out invitations.
3)Other optimization: New animation when defeating and recruiting a new general.

4. New Special Fortresses
1)East Stonemouth: Phantoms not allowed
2)North Whispley: Officer horn, Summoning horn and Knighthood are not allowed
3)West Punton: A certain chance to attack a friendly troop when starting a duel.

5. Occupation Streak
1)Occupy another fortress within 3 minutes after the first fortress is occupied to achieve an occupation streak. 
2)Extra merit will be granted when achieving an occupation streak. The streak will also be broadcast on the world channel.

6. New Events
1)Gem Wheel Event
2)Barbarian King Event

7. Limited Time Offer
1)A high strength accessory and a high intelligence accessory will be available for purchase when player has reach Lv.35 and unlocked the world map.
2)Clerics Armor will be available for purchase when player has reached Lv.58 and recruited General Anders.

8. Gem Related Changes
1)Players may spend diamonds to restock Gem Association now, 
2)Removing gems from treasures no longer costs diamonds during Gem Deposit Event

9. Faction War Related Changes
1)Faction Lv.8 is now unlocked
2)New VIP8 Privilege: VIP8 players have quicker marching speed on the World map and distinctive troops model.
1)New Tag Function: The King and Rankofficers can indicate target fortress by placing tags on it
2)Player has a certain chance to trigger certain NPC events twice a week during Faction War Quests. 
3)Lofley Revolt (Fight for buff)
Lofley will be randomly refreshed in the middle of battlefield. The faction that occupies Lofleys fortress will obtain attack buff.

10. Other optimization
1)Hangreds tactic enhanced. Tactic is not available for Hangreds phantom or in a duel 
2)Detail optimization of Trade interface
3)Astrology system interface optimized
4)Squire slot will only appear on Tavern and General panel when player has reached Lv.110. Squire may only be recruited after Lv.120
5)Players may use gold to unlock warehouse slots
6)When claiming construction merit rewards, amount of merit that will exceed the upper limit will not be claimed at the first clicking. 
7)Witchcraft tip optimized
8)Players may spend diamonds to achieve 5-star rating when they have completed a campaign with lower star rating.
9)NPC avatar optimized
10)Hold Ctrl and click phantom to release 10 phantoms
11)Players will be informed through mail when their items in the Buy-Back slots are deleted.
12)Equipment with three Lv.3 or higher skills will not be traded
13)Fragments of armor will also display the sets effect
14)Feast attempts obtained from celebration party may exceed the feast cap of 6/6, i.e. 7/6
15)Star Gem Refine interface optimized
16)Siege Rank now has higher records
17)Generals may now be dequeued in scenario battles and iron mine battles
18)Arena Contests formation saving button optimized

11.  Numerical Development 
1)New Technology: Advanced Gem Prayer. You may obtain 10 gems each time when you pray for gem, costs 70 diamonds each time.
2)Faction EXP reward will be given in Pitched Battle
3)Lv.7 and Lv.8 factions may obtain gem reward from faction quest
4)Red Battle does not consume food at the start 
5)Torture can now be upgraded to Lv.3 by gold (must unlock the feature in Astrology first) 
6)Forming Celebrities Event optimized
7)Chariot Raid Eventa new EXP pill added, rewards adjusted.

Experience the New Version : http://play.37.com/siegelord/?cid=54


Felspire launches on August 7th along with Prize Wheel Event

37Games announced  the fast-paced MMORPG Felspire is slated to officially launch Friday August 7th at 9AM EDT. In order to celebrate the coming of Felspire, 37Games also prepared a special event to players.  Stop by to spin the wheel and get extra diamonds for your character! 

Game Features

Class Advancement
Players will initially be able to choose between three classes. Each class can be advanced four times -- resulting in fifteen different specifications in total.  When you decide it’s time to advance to a new specification you’ll be tasked with passing class-specific quests, functioning like proficiency tests.  Once you complete those quests your character can transfer to a newer, more specialized role.

Random Loot
The world of Eremos is littered with both danger and opportunity. You can customize your appearance and enhance your abilities by equipping some of the 100,000 different pieces of gear that exist in Eremos. You can equip your character with 20 different tiers of gear – or you can mix and match to give yourself the unique appearance and notoriety you desire.

Felspire leaves you with a bevy of options for setting up and customizing your skills. Each player will have a set of active and passive abilities which can be upgraded with skill points and special tomes that can be acquired throughout the journey. Picking the right skillsets will be crucial to your success in Felspire – as some skills are geared towards PvE and some skills are specialized for PvP gameplay.


PvP Arena
It's every man (or woman!) for themselves in the Felspire PvP arena. You'll be free to roam around the arena, collect buffs, and slay rival players at will. Buffs are stackable, so collecting enough buffs will enable you to dispatch other fighters with just a single hit. Other player’s kill streaks are visible to everyone, meaning you’ll be able to single out or avoid the biggest threats in the arena.

Automated Questing
Felspire also comes equipped with a handy auto-questing feature that gives you the option to skip straight to the part of the game that you enjoy the most. This nifty addition can automatically slay monsters, collect loot, and is even able to sell items from your bag when it has reached its capacity. This feature can be turned on or off – leaving it up to you to decide when to take the reins.

Group Dungeons
No MMORPG would be complete without providing ample opportunities for you to work together with friends and guildies towards a common purpose. Felspire offers a plethora of dungeons and world bosses for you to hone your skills and earn epic loot. In the early phases of the game you’ll find that some of these dungeons and bosses can be done solo. As the game progresses, however, you’ll need to gather a group of trustworthy companions to take down the more formidable mobs and bosses.

Check out Felspire on 37Games