The First Cross Myth Space Faring MMOARPG G.O.D. will Start its Closed Beta on January 7th, 2016

After launching the 3D FPS mobile game Fusion War in the end of 2015, 37Games scheduled a bunch of novel games for 2016. Here comes the Guardians of Divinity or G.O.D., an MMOARPG involving a massive war that spans Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian mythologies and goes beyond the mortal realm to the stars and beyond. This is the game where human beings and demigods dare to challenge the absolute rule of the gods. The Closed Beta begins on January 5th, 2016 with pre-registeration available now: http://news.37.com/god/cover?cid=54&scid=godc

Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) Official Trail

The Prophecy Was Divined and Destiny Awaits 
The game begins in the past, when human beings were on different continents and worshiped different gods. This non-unified worship brought the mortals ceaseless war, until Prometheus created a towering structure that separated the different continents into massive floating cities in the air. He also gave the Atlantians Energy Crystals which allowed them to create wonders beyond imagination. For a long time this brought nothing but peace and prosperity.

The Atlantians even created space vessels which allowed the world to become connected again after hundreds of years. However, The Goddess of Prophecy predicted that there would be a chosen demigod that would take Zeus’s throne and become the new king of gods. From hence forth the nightmare began as Zeus hunted them down. The remaining demigods plotted a bold plan -- overthrowing the gods.

The Gods Show Up To Join The Gods’ Battle
In Guardians of Divinity, you will come across Athena, Anubis, the Monkey King, as well as various other gods from Greece, Egypt and China, and even gain the power from and transfer yourself into them.

Epic quests will lead you from fighting the mightiest of gods to helping collect worship power from human beings, and even leaving the mortal world to take the fight to the stars and beyond for the final battle against the forces of darkness.

At the Closed Beta stage, there will be 3 classes available to choose from. The Warrior, from the nation who used to feverishly worship Ares, is a melee hero with the greatest of survival ability. The cold-blooded Archer, who grew up among Artemis’s troops, will send every enemy to hell with her magic arrows and invisible traps. The Mage, who used to be pietistic to the god Bader, now has started aiming her freezing magic towards the gods who wanted to remove the whole tribe.

When some gods start to harm the mortal world without mercy, for the sake of suspicion and fear, they have stained divinity. Now, accept your fate or takeover your destiny and possibly even the world’s, the choice is in your hands. Sign up now for the Closed Beta and collect exclusive rewards: http://news.37.com/god/cover?cid=54&scid=godc

About Guardians of Divinity
Guardians of Divinity (G.O.D.) is a new MMO developed by the rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games. You play as a god that has been cast from the heavens. Join the first MMO to take gods from around the world and battle with them not only on earth but also in the stars. Use a custom built spaceship to battle your enemies in space and beyond. As the chosen one you’ll have the ability to morph into different gods, such as Ares, Thor, or even the Monkey King in your quest to return to your former position among the gods. Start your Journey Now!

About 37Games
37Games is a global online game developer and publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company has an in-house development teams that work with other game developers to create games which appeal to wide audiences. 37Games' growing portfolio includes games like Fusion War, Nightfalls, Felspire, Siegelord and the soon to be released Gods of Divinity. Official website: http://37.com


37Games's First 3D Mobile FPS Fusion War Out Now On Android And iOS

37Games has released its first 3D Mobile FPS Fusion War on Google Play and the Apple App Store worldwide today, December 18th, 2015. It’s free to download for players around the world (except mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and Korea). Published by 37Games and developed by China’s leading game company Tencent, Fusion War has “Console” like graphics and shockingly realistic sound effects, which allows players to immerse themselves into the game’s world.

In Fusion War, players will experience a first person shooter with an intense story line that combines movie-like cut scenes with simulated battlefields. Fight against players from all over the world in PvP mode to improve your combat skills! Use superior firearms to hunt elite enemies and help win the war.


Free Download on App Store: https://app.appsflyer.com/id1055231097?pid=fn&c=37

Free Download on Google Play: http://app.appsflyer.com/com.game37.kl?pid=fn&c=37

Fusion War is set in the year 2020. With an unparalleled monopoly on the bio-engineering industry, Pi Corp. attempts to constitute a new world government. They are currently gathering their forces together to launch a full scale attack on the last enemy that stands in their way...an independent organization called Titan. Players will be a member of Titan, codenamed Ghost. Titan has foiled many of Pi Corp.'s plots in the past...but they must remain vigilant. Players are the last obstacle that stands between Pi Corp. and its new world order! Will we crush Pi Corp., or will they crush us? Only time will tell...the winner of the Fusion War.

Key Features of Fusion War
Introduce the gameplay of an Arcade Game into a Mobile Game: find the weak points of enemies
When dealing with an Elite Enemy or Boss, players can interrupt their attack by shooting at their weak points. Remember to have a steady aim and choose targets carefully.

Heavy Weapons play an important role in Fusion War
During battles, players are allowed to switch between their weapons. The Heavy Weapon is very powerful and does not need to be reloaded. However, you can only use it for a short period of time, and it will have a cool down period after being used. The cool down period is related to the weapon‘s attributes and character’s skills.

Intelligent use of Strategy
In some battles, a Boss and an Elite Enemy might appear at the same time. Players will have to decide their attack priorities based on the threat at hand. It depends on which enemy the player wants to take out first and which gun they choose. The strategy used will decide whether the mission can be accomplished successfully.

Various Game Modes: 3 General Modes and 5 Battle Modes
Mode 1: Campaign
Campaign Mode is a story driven mode. Players will finish various tasks in keeping with a series of intense story line plots. There are several stages in each chapter. Each stage has 3 objectives, achieve them while clearing the stage to unlock the “Blitz” function. Blitzing a stage can help you quickly earn tons of EXP and Gold.

Mode 2: PVP Mode
There are three types of matches in PVP mode, 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 5 vs 5. In a 1 vs 1 match, the first player who reaches 3 points wins. In a 2 vs 2 match, the team that first reaches 10 points wins. In a 5 vs 5 match, players can invite four of their friends to fight together. In PVP Mode, Players may use the rocket launcher to destroy cover. The winner will receive points to upgrade their Grade. The Grade’s level can tell others how strong a player is.

Mode 3: Titan Ops
Titan Ops allows players to challenge various kinds of missions. Players will receive massive rewards for accomplishing them. There are several battle modes in Titan Ops, including Special Ops, The Blacklist, Sharpshooter Contest and Endless Challenge.

-Special Ops
Players are assigned special missions with specific weapons, ranging from taking out a single target with a sniper rifle to unleashing a barrage of firepower against numerous enemies!

-Endless Challenge
Endless Challenge costs little AP. However, players can get Supply Boxes which contain abundant resources and items. Players will never become tired of this mode. There are endless rewards.

-Sharpshooter Contest
There is a Ranking List in the Sharpshooter Contest. The highest ranking players will be rewarded Diamonds. It’s a good way to test the strength of a player.

-The Blacklist
In The Blacklist players can accept missions to take out wanted criminals in exchange for massive rewards. Remember to aim carefully.

-Shadow Units
Shadow Unites is a battle mode where players can obtain resources to train soldiers in the Training Camp. There are 4 levels of difficulty in Shadow Units. Each difficulty contains 3 missions with different objectives. Players can challenge Shadow Unites twice per day.

Official Website of Fusion War: http://play.37.com/fw
Like Fusion War on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FusionWar.37Games/

About 37Games
37Games is a global online game publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company has in-house development teams that work closely with other game designers in order to gain a wide appeal to players from around the world. 37Games' growing portfolio includes hits like Nightfalls, Felspire, Siegelord, Dragon Atlas, ShiFu, and Chibi Warriors. http://www.37.com/


37Games Will Launch Its First 3D Mobile FPS Fusion War In Late December

37Games’s first 3D Mobile FPS Fusion War will be released for Google Play and Apple Store globally in late December. Fusion War is developed by Tencent. In Fusion War, players will fight the war between the evil organization Pi Corp. and Titan to save the human race. Unravel Pi Corp.’s nefarious plot to take over the world by cooperating with allies and resisting Pi Corp.’s army of mercenaries. Experience a first person shooter with an intense story line that combines movie-like cut scenes with simulated battlefields. Fight against players from all over the world in PvP mode to improve your combat skills! Use superior firearms to hunt elite enemies and help win the war. Fusion War has already launched in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South East Asia on Google Play!

The first trailer for Fusion War: https://youtu.be/CuhybZAwNHM

Free Download Fusion War: http://app.appsflyer.com/com.game37.kl?pid=fn&c=37

                              Fusion War

Fusion War is set in the year 2020. With an unparalleled monopoly on the bio-engineering industry, Pi Corp. attempts to constitute a new world government. They are currently gathering their forces together to launch a full scale attack on the last enemy that stands in their way...an independent organization called Titan. Players will be a member of Titan, codenamed Ghost. Titan has foiled many of Pi Corp.'s plots in the past...but they must remain vigilant. Players are the last obstacle that stands between Pi Corp. and its new world order! Will we crush Pi Corp., or will they crush us? Only time will tell...the winner of the Fusion War.
Background Video of Fusion War: https://youtu.be/KEY3Em99glc

                              Male Character

                               Female Character

Game Features of Fusion War
- Immerse yourself in an epic campaign with amazing “Client Game” graphics and shockingly realistic sound effects
- Experience the most comprehensive character development systems on a mobile device. Players can upgrade various armors, different kinds of weapons, ammo, and buddies to increase their combat power on the battlefield!
- Hundreds of Enemy Units and Weapons
- Become the ultimate soldier through fierce combat on the battlefield
- Battle with players from around the world
- Climb your way to the top of the rankings and be bestowed with riches
- Assemble the ultimate squad to take on Pi Corp.’s forces
- Unlock and upgrade powerful weapons that can mow down enemy infantry
- Take out powerful bosses and gain superiority using Heavy Weapons
- Use superior tactics to fight against the violent and savage Mecha Kong, Apocalypse Tank,   Hercules and Destructoid

                      Weapons of Fusion War

                          Boss in Fusion War

                      Enemies in Fusion War


Felspire Version 1.23

Felspire is a western medieval fantasy themed role-playing browser game of 37Games. The game provides a wide variety of settings ranging from bustling cities, frozen plateaus, and mysterious forests to chilling tombs. Your characters will face trials by countless fierce battles in these scenarios. The core game play derived from classic ARPGs, slaying monsters to get rare gear is an essential part of the game. However, as a browser game, it got rid of some complicated hardcore game play to make the game more rookie-friendly and casual. Felspire updates Version 1.23 now. Let's have a look at the new contents.

What’s New:
1. Perks
-Perks will be available at [R]Lv 350.
-You will get 10 perk points at first and 1 pointevery time you level up afterwards.
2. New companion: Bobbie
-Bobbie: After equipping Bobbie, your damagedealt will be increased by 30%, your DEF will also be increased by 10 and theEXP gained by killing monsters will be increased by 50%. Bobbie can evenauto-pickup items for you.
-How to get Bobbie?
Collect Spirits of Bobbie and enter the Fuseinterface. Fuse Panda, Fiend and Spirit of Bobbie to get Bobbie.
-The duration time of Bobbie is the combinedduration time of Panda and Fiend.
-Spirit of Bobbie can be obtained from events andLand of Chaos.
3. New Map
New maps will be available in Elite Challenge.
4. 3 New Modes
You can select different display modes now.
-Normal Mode
-PvP Mode: Hides the top buttons, chatting andquest boxes
-Photo Mode: Hides the top buttons, chatting box,quest box, the buttons at the bottom, the HP of characters and monster names(so basically all the UI ^-^;).

What’s Changed:
1. Refined Bonus
-You will receive extra stat bonuses if yourefine your equipment to specified levels. Higher refined levels grant greaterstat bonus.
-There will be a skeleton effect in the Refineinterface. Refine your equipment to +15 for a cooler skeleton effect.
2. Rebirth
-Rebirth quest will be available at Lv 360.
-Soul Stones can be obtained by killing Lv 360+monsters.
-Soul Gathering will be available at Lv 360.
-Soul Square will be available at Lv 360.
3. A tip of how to increase the success rate willbe added to the wings fusion interface.
4. The ASPD detail will be added. For example, ASPD:150 (2 aps)

New Benefits:
-Soul Square
The Magic Mirrors required for entering SoulSquare will be decreased.

Play Felspire: http://play.37.com/fs


37Games’s 2015 Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving Day is coming. It is a special time for families and friends to get together for a bountiful meal. It is a festival for appreciating your loved ones and sharing. As a thank you, 37Games has lots of fantastic new free-to-play games in the pipeline, with its latest, Nightfalls, to be launched soon. 37Games has also prepared special Thanksgiving Gift Packs. Simply share your favorite 37Games’s game to your Facebook timeline and receive a gift-code. Each game’s Gift Pack can only be claimed once. Players who play games on 37Games should not miss out this celebration: http://events.37.com/en/thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone!

Not only can players enjoy Thanksgiving events in all 37Games’s games, but players can also participate in exclusive Facebook or in-game Thanksgiving events to be rewarded with more Thanksgiving presents!
Felspire is a free to play fantasy MMORPG browser game. The game provides a wide variety of settings, from bustling cities to chilling tombs. Dominate the Darkness that awaits you! Share your favorite Thanksgiving food and be rewarded with free diamonds: https://www.facebook.com/Felspire.37Games/photos/a.458954957607592.1073741828.450352205134534/497001317136289/?type=3&theater

Siegelord is a RTS browser game with a medieval fantasy theme. Every force is searching for wealth and conquest, for each kingdom has fallen into chaos. Rule them all by uniting the lands under one banner. In order to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, 37Games has prepared a Facebook event for players to receive free diamonds and other rewards:  https://www.facebook.com/Siegelord.37Games/photos/a.806125172783951.1073741828.799877860075349/1033143926748740/?type=3&theater

ShiFu is a free-to-play MMORPG inspired by the Classical Kung Fu Stories of Louis Cha. Start carving your own unique path to victory, while also creating your own legend! From November 25th to December 1st, all players can claim the Thanksgiving Title once. Players also have chance to receive Turkey, Firewood and Seasonings by clearing a dungeon. Turkey, Firewood and Seasonings can be exchanged for a Roasted Turkey. A Roasted Turkey will add 1000 permanent combat power to a character. A character can eat 50 Roasted Turkey per day. Take part in ShiFu’s Thanksgiving Event now: http://goo.gl/4U61vV

Chibi Warriors is a new type of strategy game set in the days of Ancient China. Develop your city, recruit fighters, and crush your rivals in this free-to-play game.

Dragon Atlas is a free-to-play RPG browser game. Step into the fantasy world of Ymir, where your aim is to be the greatest dragon keeper of all time, while you fight evil monsters to restore balance to the world.

37Games’s 2015 Thanksgiving Celebration: http://events.37.com/en/thanksgiving

About 37Games
37Games is an online platform offering awesome browser and mobile games. Join now and play free online games from the convenience of your browser! Come get in on the fun! www.37.com


37Games's RPG Nightfalls Kicks off Closed Beta Today

37Games has confirmed its Champion Collecting RPG Nightfalls will officially start its Closed Beta today after months of intensive testing and constant improvement from the operation team. Without the fuss of downloading a client or paying to play, players are invited to experience this MMORPG and enter the fantasy world of Nightfalls right through their browser.

In Nightfalls, players will become the fallen angle, Sherri, who still believes in the virtue of mankind and tries to stop the forces of evil from taking the last lands of the human race. You will join forces with heroes from all over the world to face the evil Demon Lord Sallos, who wishes to once again shroud this world in darkness.

Nightfalls seamlessly combines the essential elements of an MMORPG and strategy game, players can not only enjoy the addictive fun of customizing their character and champions but also the strategy behind their champion's battle formations.There are hundreds of champions for you to choose from, including defensive, attacking and support type champions. All champions have various unique attributes and magic skills to help you build an elite team for battle. Nothing is impossible on your journey to banish the evil powers of darkness!

Furthermore, in order to immerse players into a thrilling world devoured by evil, the art team of Nightfalls has created a large number of elaborate and dark-themed environments and combat scenes, along with various exotic ambient music compositions for each scene.

To celebrate the starting of the Closed Beta Nightfalls has also arranged a series of events, such as Mount Contest, Arena Rank, Guild War, Wizard Evolution and more! Start your journey and collect your first champion today! http://play.37.com/nightfalls

About Nightfalls
Nightfalls is a new medieval themed RPG from 37Games. Nightfalls perfectly blends the elementsof strategy and role playing games into one epic quest to banish evil from the face of the Earth. Players can customize their battle formations and recruit various champions along their journey. Submerge yourself into PVE with a story of unparalleled depth -- or team up with your friends to vanquish your foes in PVP battle.


The Champion-Collecting RPG Nightfalls Closed Beta Starts on November 23rd

Nightfalls, the champion-collecting RPG created by 37Games, will start its Closed Beta on November 23rd. By crafting a huge world devoured in darkness, Nightfalls brings players a thrilling adventure--encounter mysterious champions on your journey, set up the best team for fighting the forces of evil, and conquer the most frightening bosses ever conceived.

Nightfalls has created a sophisticated Champion-collecting and Starsoul system. By completing conquests and dungeons, you will collect Starsouls for lighting up Star Charts and unlock hundreds of Champions to join your team in battle. Beyond choosing your lineup you’ll need to plan your strategies carefully as there are three types of champions: Defensive, Attacking and Assisting. Here are the first three champions you’ll recruit in the game.

The Barbarian
From the Barren Lands, the Barbarian is a powerful Defensive Champion. They are always the first ones into battle, often sparing their teammates from the initial onslaught. Their effective use of their skills, such as Bloodthirsty Killing and Glyph of Warding make them a powerful addition to your team.

The Witch Doctor
The Witch Doctor is an Assisting Champion. Contrary to their appearance, Witch Doctors have great empathy. Their specialty is in healing, which can help your team survive the enemies’ onslaughts. Careful though, as she possess many magical attacks. Evolve this champion to unlock her true potential.

The Assassin
Like the wind through the night, the Assassin can move without being seen. As a Defensive & Assisting Champion, she can play a great supportive role on your team. Watch out for her razor thin double-blades, which can tear through armor with little effort. You won’t hear her approach…until it’s too late.

Pre-registration has begun. When Night Falls, Evil Rises. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime in Nightfalls: http://news.37.com/nightfalls/cover


The Champion-Collecting MMORPG Nightfalls is Coming to 37Games

The rapidly growing browser and mobile game company, 37Games, announces its release of a new online RPG experience, Nightfalls, featuring lush environments, massive champion collecting and an immersive fighting system. 37Games’s operation team has been hard at work improving and polishing the experience in preparation for its debut to players around the world.

Darkness Devours All
Set in a fantasy world devoured by darkness, where human beings live in desperation and turmoil, evil has risen once again and demons are looking to retake the world that was once theirs. As a fallen angel named Sherri, you will work with and recruit champions in your quest to quell the forces of evil and restore peace throughout the land. Work alongside mortals to secure a future for all posterity!

Collect Hundreds of Champions
Choose between a male or female character to start your journey. On your travels, you will encounter hundreds of champions whose skills and magic will lend in your fight against the vilest creatures to ever appear on a computer screen.

Personalized Battle
To create a powerful team to fight the forces of evil, you will need to use various strategies and take advantage of the different abilities of your champions. You will also need to wisely choose your equipment to develop a unique character with unique champions to aid in your battles. In the closed beta, there will be dozens of champions available for you to recruit!

The official website is now live! Pre-register now! Learn more about the champions you’ll encounter in your journeys and take a glance at the new concept art for Nightfalls. Pre-register and receive a super-value gift pack: including Demon Fruit, Dragon Shards, and more! Let your journey in Nightfalls begin here: http://news.37.com/nightfalls/cover


Siegelord by 37Games Version 3.9

37Games will make some improvements to Siegelord  from 02:00 to 05:00, Oct. 27th (EDT). Siegelord is a RTS browser game of Medieval Fantasy Theme. Every force is looking at the staggering wealth and fecund land of the fallen empire, for each kingdom has fallen into chaos. This is a game of thrones. The iterative advance mode of real time battle, and the featured gameplay of terrain system, four main resources, tactics, weapons, and technology, help you crafting a war empire of ice and fire! What's new in this new version? Let's have a look at:



1. Two new generals
Hecthorne: Skilled in combat on plains. Has a 25% ATK bonus when fighting on plains; immune to Sail’s rebound; tactics will burn the first 5 rows of the enemy. Recommended sets are Heavenly Ancient Armor and Heavenly Hippogriff Armor.

Grenwood: Expert at mountain combat, get 25% bonus ATK for battles at occur on mountains; his tactic can damage and confuse enemies within 2 rows and can be used twice. Recommended set is Heavenly Rose Armor.

2. Faction Quests with enhanced special events

Lofley Event (Modified)

Prerequisite: One of the factions has reached Lv 5 with no alliances made; faction quest requires to attack or defend a fortress.

Rewards and consequences: The winning faction will be granted 1 faction EXP while the other two factions will have NPC troops stationed around their capitals.
Notice: Won’t appear at the same time as Siege quest or warlock event; NPCs will not disappear at the same time when the faction war ends.

Alchemy Traitor Event (Newly added)

Prerequisite: One of the factions has reached Lv 5 and there’s an alliance between two of the factions. When the faction quests is to defend a fortress, there’s chance that this event will occur.

Details: The two factions that trigger the event need to try to occupy the target warlock fortresses within the time limit. Players who participate and kill enemies will be rewarded.

If the two factions fail to occupy all the target fortresses, then NPC troops will continue to appear around the two capitals until all target fortresses are occupied.
Notice: Event won’t appear at the same time as the siege quest or Lofley event; NPCs will not disappear at the same time when the faction war ends; no rewards available if the target fortresses are occupied after the end of the faction quest.

3. New weapon: Ballista
Siegelord has introduced a powerful new weapon: Ballista. To acquire a Ballista, you need to clear the all the mists on the world map. If you have already unlocked the world map by clearly the mists, you can directly buy one. Ballista can reach 5 rows of enemies in battle. To make your Ballista more powerful, you can upgrade it to increase damage dealt.

4. Event modifications
Lucky draw available for occupation streaks
More recharge rewards
More bonus EXP available for newbie mist quests

Play Siegelord: http://play.37.com/siegelord


Trick or Treat? 37Games Halloween Carnival Party

Any plans for this coming Halloween? Getting too old to knock on the next door neighbor’s door? Tired of going to a party, getting wasted, and not remembering your Halloween? How about joining the 37Games Halloween Carnival Party, it will be much more memorable and a fun way to celebrate the festival! From Oct. 23th to Nov. 3rd , 37Games will throw a Halloween Carnival Party. As you can expect, there will be many games and tons of rewards to give out.

Event 1. Mr. Pumpkin Eats Candy
Halloween always comes with loads of delicious candy! Mr. Pumpkin can’t wait to eat them all. But be careful though, because some candy is rotten! You will control Mr. Pumpkin to eat all the candy while avoiding the rotten ones. The more candy Mr. Pumpkin eats, the more you will score. Scoring points can be used to claim rewards in Event 3.

Event 2. Trick or Treat? Be Careful!
In this event, you will click 1 of 3 Magic Cauldrons each day after first selecting a game. Trick or Treat? You will never know what’s in the next Cauldron. Maybe some points for claiming a Halloween Pack, maybe a Skeleton, or maybe even a Ghoulish Monster!

Event 3. Exchange Halloween Packs
Points collected from Event 1 and Event 2 can be used to exchange for different gift packs. No matter which game of 37Games you play, there is gift for you as long as you get enough points! There are Medium and Adv. packs, depending on how many points you score.

Do you dare to join the party? Players from around the world are waiting for you! Join 37Games Halloween Party today: ttp://events.37.com/en/halloween


Felspire Releases Version 2.0 - Nirvana

Felspire, the fast-paced ARPG of 37Games, today will enter a whole new expansion – Nirvana, featuring a new Rebirth System, increased level cap to 500, along with a new Soul Gathering System. A New Epic Map and Dungeon have also been added in this new version. The choices of an adventurer are not always easy. Being satisfied with your current achievements or taking a chance and entering a brand-new phase of life? The choice though is ultimately left to you.

Nirvana means you will unlock greater potential at the price of giving up your current level advantage. When you decide to be reborn, there are a few things that need to be done. Find and talk to the rebirth master, collect 100 Essence of each kind, and reach Lv 400. After being rebirthed, your level will be changed to Rebirth Lv 300, and the new 500 level cap, Soul Gathering system and T9 gears will become available!

What’s more, a new dungeon and more challenging map will also be added in this new version. In the new dungeon Soul Square, you are able to collect the materials required for Soul Gathering. The Level 400 - 500 map is also available for those who have rebirthed and reached Level 400. What you can expect is monsters and bosses that are stronger then you can imagine, and epic loots like T9 gear! The rest about the map and dungeon will be left to the players to explore!

Apart from that, a great deal of new content and improvements can be found in the update, including Accessory Fusion, New Server Events, New Daily Quests, The Prison of Greed and much more. Discover the Felspire 2.0 expansion today. Adventure Awaits: http://play.37.com/fs


Siegelord Version 3.80: New Fraction and New Events

The development team behind the browser-based SLG Siegelord today unveils its latest version, 3.80.New Features include new balanced fractions, new in-game events and a new gaming experience. Siegelord today also welcomes its 75th server. In order to celebrate this day, a brand-new trailer has been released! Don't miss the latest update to Siegelord.

Siegelord’s New Trailer:

New Fraction
The factions now have become more balanced than ever before. In a pitched battle, the allied factions will obtain EXP bonus when attacking the other factions, and the lord from the weaker fraction will also receive EXP bonus when fighting against two overwhelming stronger fractions. In the new faction quest function, weaker factions can help each other through the faction quests and each obtain the same amount of Faction EXP. What's more, to add more fun to the fraction war, 2 new special fortresses have been added to each faction and generals can obtain a random buff after being trained in the Manor.

New Events
The update includes two new events, "Exploit mine" and "Consume Diamond to Get Gifts". In the Exploit Mine, players can exploit the mine to get iron. Every time a player has finishing exploiting the mine, a huge Treasure Chests which includes great amount of iron will appear. Also now players can also collect Pickaxes in this event. The other new event is Consume Diamond to Get Gifts, in this event players can obtain large amount of iron and gems according their levels when the event starts. For example, a player at lvl.115, can get 300 Lv.1 gems by consuming 200 diamonds.

Other updates includes new technology interfaces along with new technology unlocked when players reach Lv. 117, resource carts carrying Golden Hammers in the scenario map and a more fast-paced and dramatic battle experience we never have before. 

Jump into the new version of Siegelord to start your thrilling new journey: http://play.37.com/siegelord